What Are The Best Indoor Succulents For Beginners

If you are a beginner gardener, then low-demand succulents are the perfect alternative for you! Find the Best Succulents for Beginners in the article below!

Our seasoned green-thumb experts researched hundreds of the best succulents available online in 2020 before buying and potting 8 side by side to find the plant that best suits your needs. We performed in-depth tests in crucial areas such as aesthetics, delivery and shipment status, maintenance, reliability, and development by hands-on use.

We’ve included various packs and single-plant packages to find the right choice for your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a couple of new succulent plants to add a sweet green touch to your house, you’ve come to the right spot.


Number of Plants: 1 | Potted Size: 4" Pot

Shop Succulents Crassula Ovata, commonly known as the Jade plant, is our preference for a single plant option. The plant had a lovely purple and deep green, floral-shaped leaf pattern. In our view, this plant fits with almost every home decor. It was also very safe when arrived at our house, well lined with padding and showed no dehydration or tension symptoms. 

We found that the plant had a well-developed root system in its 3″x3″ pot and was ready for a larger home when transplanting. The Jade plant is also a low maintenance factory. While it favors bright light and mildly damp soil and moisture, it can tolerate both low light and dry conditions.

We don’t have too many objections to this plant, but there are a few things to remember when choosing this alternative. Like other succulent plants, crassula ovata is vulnerable to root rot if it is overwatered, but not as sensitive as echeverias, as it is caused by a more humid atmosphere. 

Crassula Ovata is also a relatively slow grower; it can take 10-15 years to achieve its maximum size of around three feet. The Crassula Ovata did not develop much during the test phase but also adapted to its new habitat. 

Over the course of this time, though, you will multiply your set of jade plants by quickly propagating this vine’s fallen leaves. If you’re looking for a safe, easy-to-grow alternative that could stay with you for years to come, Crassula Ovata is a great pick.



Number of Plants: 6 | Potted Size: 2" Pots

The Plants for Pets Succulent 5-Pack lands the maximum marks for its presentation and wellbeing upon reception. We liked the range, which consisted of five echeverias and one crassula. The crassula has rounder leaves, and the echeverias are a flat-leaf, rose-shaped type.

This pack contained some of the top-performing plants in our test range. Each plant arrived with a well-established root system in its 2″ x 2″ container and was well lined with cotton-like padding and a well-sized box so that the plants would not be jostled or easily hurt during transit. The kit also contains an additional plant if one does not survive the daunting journey of live plants’ shipment.

Plants have been appropriately watered in their pots. The soil was arid when we opened the delivery box, but there were no signs of tension in their foliage.

There were just a few downsides to the range. The first is that, like most other plants of this kind, they are vulnerable to overwatering. This is a natural cause of plant mortality, and echeveria is more vulnerable to overwatering than any other varieties. Besides, if you’re searching for fast growers, this pack may not be your best pick.

These small plants are perfect for planting a combination in a terrarium or a countertop centerpiece but don’t allow them to grow efficiently and take up space. Their slow-growing habits often make it easy to take care of, and as long as you avoid overwatering, the Plants for Pets 5-Pack is an enticing variety pack to brighten up the room.



Number of Plants: 12 | Potted Size: 2" Pots

The most significant set we checked, the Shop Succulents Collection of 12, displayed great range and high quality at its price point. The collection was made up of numerous small cacti and other succulents.

The scale of the variety in this pack offers you more choices for small plantings or hybrid plantings. The tiny cacti were undoubtedly the highlight of this pack, displaying unusual hair patterns that are ideal for small plantings.

During the test phase, the cacti in this pack showed the most promise, settled well in their new containers, and showed new growth production.

There was a variety of selections and as many choices as possible in this collection. Out of 12 plants, two were wilted and dead, and many other plants showed symptoms of water scarcity tension when we got them.

For example, though the plants were cushioned with cotton padding, there was still a wiggle room in the box, and some of the plants had fallen out of their containers and had been bruised. The level of root growth often differed throughout this collection, as some of the smaller plants tended to be recent cuttings that did not have time to establish a root system in their new 2″ container. Some of these plants did not survive transplantation.

These complaints aside, the sheer number of plants included in this box, mainly of high quality and unique cacti, make it the right choice for a customer to buy many plants in one go for their house.



Number of Plants: 1 | Potted Size: 4" Pot

Another high-quality single-plant option is the Fat Plants String of Pearls. We enjoy the sight of small pearls on long tendrils. The distinctive look of this vineyard is going very well with the hanging basket or the windowsill planting.

The plant was well-founded in a 3″ diameter pot, already boasting 3-5″ hanging tendrils packed with tiny pearl-like pods. The packaging was comprehensive, covered with cotton in a suitably sized package, providing sufficient protection for the fragile vines.

It’s also the plant we’ve had the most development over the testing period. Only two weeks after repotting, we detected new growth signs at the end of some tendrils, in line with this variety’s reputation as a fast grower. Overall, if you’re looking for a unique, fast-growing vineyard, this right Fat Plant String of Pearls could be your choice.



Number of Plants: 2 | Potted Size: 4" Pots

The two-pack Costa Farms Aloe Vera is a perfect choice if you want a plant that comes tall and well-established. These plants were covered in plastic and protected by a piece of bamboo in mildly damp soil.

Costa Farmers used styrofoam peanuts in their delivery box to avoid shuffling during shipment. The aloe was around 7-8″ tall at arrival and had well-established root systems. The essential aesthetics of these plants will complement many spaces, but, in our view, they look charming in simple and modern architecture.

Although this is a relatively low maintenance choice, aloe vera may be sensitive to the building’s location. It’s an extremely dry-tolerant herb, but it can fire with intense, concentrated light.

Like many plants in our selection, this plant is highly vulnerable to overwatering, which means that regular watering should be avoided, and a pot with good drainage is necessary. Another criticism of this Costa Farms collection is that it had minor damage to the leaves’ edges upon arrival. This did not affect the plant’s necessary fitness, but it would take some time to recover following transplantation.

If you like plants that grow with neglect, get ready to go and enjoy a minimal, introductory presentation; the Costa Farms Aloe Vera can suit your needs.



Number of Plants: 5 | Potted Size: 2" Pots

The Valley Garden Succulent 5-Pack is a unique range of 2″ potted plants. These plants were all smaller and more fragile types with short, slender leaves. This set has an excellent array of colors, from sage green to deep red and purple in the most delicate plant.

They could look beautifully grown individually or in a collection of plantings. Their unique and leafy look could bring a bit more flair to your decor than traditional varieties.

The distinctive and lacey look of many of these plants also tends to be their decline. The packaging’s security level was not adequate to guarantee that the thin plants were not shuffled around—one plant had entirely fallen out of its bottle.

Although the plants have all formed full root systems in their 2″ containers, the thinnest plants were starting to show signs of drying out, indicating that they might be somewhat less drought-resistant than individual other choices. That being said, these plants tend to be well suited to transplanting. The Valley Garden 5-Pack makes a fantastic and delicate range for a multi-pack buy.




The JMBamboo White Christmas Zygocactus stood at 6″ tall by 10″ long at arrival and was well-founded in its 4″ growing container. The long tendril-like leaves were well protected in packings packed with styrofoam peanuts, and the soil was mildly damp.

The zygocactus planted well established in a new pot and soon recovered from a mild wilting after the first watering. Long leaves are expected to grow white, multi-tiered flowers in winter, providing a stunning touch to your house.

For keeping the Christmas Zygocactus thriving, a little more care is needed than the other plants we checked. This plant is native to coastal Brazil, preferring more regular watering and higher humidity. To boost a longer flowering season, you should follow the specific conditions for darkness and light for a more extended flowering season.

This plant needs long periods of darkness to bloom and will enjoy the occasional fog. With a little extra care, the JMBamboo White Christmas Zygocactus is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a plant that is already in place and will light up any room.




The Mother of Thousand Kalanchoe daigremontiana Mexican Hat Plant was a disappointing choice for our test party. The developed version of this plant has beautiful neutral green leaves with a distinctive lace border.

The little platelets that line the leaves’ edges will drop off and produce more plantings, a fascinating and unusual feature.
The consistency of this particular plant left much to be desired on arrival. The plant was transported with bare roots, as advertised, but this made the plant very vulnerable to stress along its journey.

Two cuttings were included; one was 1″ tall, and another that was ½” tall. Both plants showed symptoms of tension as the leaves were tender and wilted. Weeks later, these plants are already trying to develop themselves in their new plantings, but if they take their new pots, Mother of the Thousands provides a unique addition to your plant selection.



Test Results and Analysis

Adding plants to your home can be a satisfying and straightforward way to enhance your living atmosphere, and picking the right type can significantly improve your chances of success. These succulents have been graded on their aesthetics, consistency, maintenance, hardness, and development.


The aesthetics measure considered the cumulative effect that each plant will have on your home space. Like every plant would do in some manner, this included evaluating the various aspects in which the plant increased its quality and footprint.

We considered each plant’s growth pattern and coloring; does it grow into a smooth, neutral form, or does it have a striking, assertive look? We have talked about how its colors would work into different palettes and whether they could have an effect while being flexible.

Plants with more subdued tones and a lighter growth trend were found more universally aesthetically appealing. We also considered how special the look of an alternative was, how unique the plant itself is, and how flexible it looks. Finally, we decided to think about how big a footprint each plant created in the room was and how this, coupled with its appearance, influenced its ability to satisfy your home decor needs.

The Crassula Ovata scores the highest points in this category for its versatility and stunning coloring as the best Succulents for beginners.

Similarly, Plants for Pets 5-Pack has a wide range of colors, and the small rosette patterns could be grown in a wide variety of single and multiple plantings. Options such as the Fat Plants String of Pearls have a unique growth pattern that we loved to add a fascinating twist to your room. We liked the look of this plant in hung macrame planters as well as plain windowsill pots.


When deciding which plant is ideal for your lifestyle, it is essential to remember the care required to keep it going. As they are all inside the succulent family, many of the options considered here have common watering and lighting requirements.

However, our studies and experience have found that others are more specific and demanding than others in their treatment. We noted how well these plants were watered weekly during the test phase and developed a fertilizing and repotting schedule based on prescribed treatment.

For instance, JMBamboo White Christmas Zygocactus may require much maintenance during the winter season to facilitate blooming. Besides, the flowering component needs more pruning and upkeep.

Fast-growing alternatives such as the String of Pearls often need more upkeep, as repotting to larger pots is more common. Plants like Aloe Vera flourish because they’re overlooked mainly, earning them good scores in this group.


We consider how tolerant these plants have been to several growth conditions or irrigation violations. To establish this metric, we looked at the different light conditions, soil moisture, humidity, and temperature levels under which each plant may live. Like upkeep, hardness helps to choose plants better suited to your home and ideal for the amount of care and attention you decide to offer to the plant.

White Christmas Zygocactus is more specific to moisture and surface moisture than Aloe Vera or String of Pearls. However, all of these solutions are vulnerable to overwatering. The more vulnerable choices of the Valley Garden Succulent 5-Pack or Mother of Thousands Mexican Hat Plant tend to be susceptible to overwatering or underwatering, rendering them less hardy.


Finally, we decided to consider how the plants went once they were in our possession. There is more significant uncertainty here than the other metrics since they have been measured in a dry and sunny setting, and the findings will vary from home to home.

For this cause, this metric has the lowest weighting in our assessment process. This metric’s two key considerations are how the plants are adjusted to be transplanted and whether they show any growth signs during the evaluation phase.


Via extensive analysis and hands-on, independent testing, we have reviewed a variety of choices to help find the best Succulents for beginners for home. From a mixture of personal and technical expertise, we have built a detailed test segment that focuses on critical elements of plant performance.

We feel sure that we are familiar with the advantages and drawbacks of each alternative.

We hope that our evaluations will help you make an educated decision to start or add to your succulent collection the right choice for you and your living room.

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