Gardening Hats Guide For Men & Women

Best gardening hats

Working in the garden, oh yes! Feeling the dirt on your hands, the breeze on your face, and the sun on your skin is extremely relaxing?

However, especially in the sun, it does not take long to veer into uncomfortable, if not dangerous territory. A well-designed gardening hat is an essential tool for keeping you cool, shading your eyes, and protecting your skin.

Likewise, having good gardening hats are necessary if you only plan to spend a few hours per day in the garden. A good hat will not only keep you safe from the sun but will also keep you cool and provide adequate shade for your face. The best gardening hat is one that is lightweight, practical, and breathable.

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    We’ve compiled a list of the best gardening hats for both men and women. On the other hand, these hats are ideal for wearing on the beach, in the park, or anywhere you will be exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. Even though many of these hats have built-in UPF, make sure to wear good sunscreen on your face!

    These gardening hats are not ranked in any particular order, so choose the best suits your style and budget. Prices are subject to change, as they always are.

    Comhats Cotton Crusher Hat

    Comhats handmade cotton gardening hat comes in four colors, but we recommend the white to keep you cool. The hat is light, packable, and fashionable.

    • Lightweight 
    • UPF 50+ Sun Protection
    • Packable
     Sunday Afternoons Unisex Hat

    This breathable, UPF 50+ stain-resistant hat is adjustable. This hat’s cape makes it ideal for protecting the back of one’s neck while gardening. It also floats in the water so that you can stay cool and safe on your next kayaking adventure! 

    • UPF 50+ Sun Protection 
    • Stain Resistant 
    • Floats in Water 
    • Neck Protection 
    • Unisex
    Home Prefer Outback Hat

    We adore Home Prefer for its high-quality, long-lasting clothing. When gardening in the hot sun, this hat will protect the back of your neck. If you want something a little more colorful, it also comes in a bright chili red.

    • Moisture-wicking polyester sweatband.
    • Sun protection with a UPF of 50+.
    • Neck flap for added protection.
    Sloggers Braided Sun Hat

    We’re sure you’ve heard of Sloggers if you’re a gardener. This hat comes in different colors to match your style. On windy garden days, the wind lanyard keeps it in place.

    • Sun protection with a UPF of 50+.
    • Attractive and useful.
    The North Face Horizon Hat

    The North Face Horizon Hat might be a good option if you’re looking for a ball cap-style garden hat. Because this cap is made of nylon, it is extremely light. It also provides sun protection, which is uncommon in a ball cap.

    • Nylon is a lightweight material.
    • Sun protection with a UPF of 50.
    • The closure is adjustable with a clip.
    Hat Attack Canvas Sun Hat

    This fringed sun hat is more fashionable and can be worn outside of the garden. It lacks UPF sun protection and a necktie to keep the wind from blowing it off. However, we love that it’s made of linen cotton and think it’s ideal for days when you’re out for a quick watering or simply enjoying a drink in the shade.

    • Canvas linen is a lightweight fabric.
    • Elegant and adaptable.
    • There is no UPF sun protection.
    O’neill Men’s Straw Sun Gardening Hat

    This one-of-a-kind straw hat is ideal for the casual male gardener. It’s made of straw and is lightweight. There is a cord to keep this hat in place. However, it does not provide sun protection, so if you’re working long days in the garden, you’ll want to wear extra sunscreen on your face.

    • Straw is a lightweight material.
    • Closure with a drawstring
    • It provides no additional sun protection.
    Sunday Afternoons Vivian Sun Hat

    This floppy sun hat is both functional and fashionable. Because it is made entirely of wool, felt, it may feel warmer than some of the cotton sun hats on this list. This hat would be ideal at the start of the gardening season or the end when the weather begins to cool. We also like how versatile this hat is, as you can wear it for sun protection in the winter.

    • Sun protection with a UPF of 50+.
    • Adjustable band for a personalized fit.
    • The interior sweatband draws moisture away from the body.
    • Perfect for the cooler weather.
    Stetson Mesh Covered Hat

    Stetson’s mesh safari-style hat provides excellent ventilation and is appropriate for any outdoor activity. It’s lightweight and breathable, but it’ll still hold up in the garden on windy days.

    • Sun protection with a UPF of 50+.
    • Sweatband by Coolmax.
    • Chin cord is adjustable.
    Henschel Men’s Aussie Breezer Hat

    We adore the Aussie Breezer Hat by Henschel is manufactured in the United States. You’ll stay cool and comfortable all day, thanks to mesh side panels and UPF 50 sun protection. This highly rated hat is ideal for gardening, hiking, or simply going for a walk outside.

    • Sun protection with a UPF of 50+.
    • Made in the United States.
    • Side panels with mesh for breathability.
    San Diago Evershade Hat

    San Diago Hat’s straw hat is a low-cost option. In the garden, the vented crown and wide brim will keep you cool. This hat provides no additional sun protection.

    • Straw is a lightweight material.
    • Affordable.
    • Crown with a vent.
    Women’s Ranch Lattice Hat

    The Women’s Ranch has yet another gardening hat that we adore. This asymmetrical palm hat is both functional and fashionable, as well as water-resistant. Each hat is handwoven from eco-friendly palm fibers.

    • Hand-woven palm 
    • UPF 50+ sun protection 
    • Lightweight and breathable

    To state the obvious, there are a plethora of gardening hats to choose from!

    So let us assist you in determining which one is best for you.

    We’ve got you covered with our in-depth reviews, and we’ll break down the options into manageable categories.

    In addition, we’ll discuss some key features to look for when shopping for the best gardening hat.

    Let’s get you a gardening hat!

    Best Mens Garden Hat

    Einskey Sun Hat for Men

    This Einskey gardening hat for men is our favorite because of its soft material, wide brim, and thoughtful features.

    The brim perfectly strikes that tricky balance between being wide enough to completely shade your face and neck while not appearing “goofy.” There’s no need to worry about your hat getting in the way of your outdoor activities here!

    A mesh panel ventilates the crown on each side, and the material is thin and breathable. A fabric sweatband can also help you avoid having a wet head.

    NOTE: While these materials are excellent for airflow and comfort, they may not provide adequate sun protection for some people. As a precaution, if you are bald or shave your head, you should apply sunscreen to your scalp.

    This hat fits average-sized heads a little loosely, and an elastic drawstring at the crown allows you to adjust the tension.

    Finally, the chin cord/strap is both comfortable and simple to use. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to hold on to your hat if your gardening tasks necessitate bending over.

    Best Womens Garden Hat

    Brook + Bay Women’s Sun Hat

    Brook + Bay knocked it out of the park with their line of gardening hats for women!

    This styling line is available in 12 neutral colors with a few material and design options. The one shown here is in color “olive green,” and it has a convenient opening in the back of the crown for a ponytail.

    Other styling options include a drawstring crown and moisture-wicking fabric.

    The ultralight material prevents you from feeling like you’re carrying extra weight on your head while working in the garden. When the winds pick up, tighten the adjustable chin strap/cord to keep your hat in place.

    Most wide-brimmed hats do a good job of managing some shade for said back of the neck. The rear fabric flap on this hat, on the other hand, goes above and beyond to completely cover the delicate skin on the back and side of your neck.

    Furthermore, the fabric offers UPF 50 sun protection. So you can spend time in the garden even on bright, sunny days!

    Best Garden Hat For Kids

    Connectyle Kids UPF 50+ Sun Hat

    Your little garden helper, like an adult, requires the protection and comfort that a good hat provides. This Connectyle Kids hat is not only adorable, but it also has a lot of useful features!

    Sunburns are especially dangerous for children, so this hat protects their skin with UPF 50+ fabric and a wide brim.

    The chin strap fastens with a Velcro tab, making it simple to put on and take off the hat. Furthermore, the breakaway Velcro closure is safer for children than the toggle straps on most adult hats.

    Kids grow up so quickly, don’t they? This hat can grow with your child thanks to an adjustable toggle around the crown. Connectyle recommends this hat for children ages 2 to 6, so you can expect many years of use from a single purchase.

    Your garden sidekick will find one they like among the 13 colors available, ranging from neutral to bold.

    Extra tip!

    It’s much easier to keep track of your child’s whereabouts if they’re wearing a brightly colored hat, especially if you’re busy with garden tasks.

    This concept also applies at the playground, the pool, and almost anywhere else!

    Best Straw Garden Hat

    We couldn’t narrow down our selection of the best straw gardening hats to just one. The styles for men and women are too dissimilar, and very few are truly unisex.

    So we’ve given you two options: one for men and one for women.


    Designed for men.

    O’Neill Sonoma Print Straw Hat

    One of the characteristics of straw is that it is extremely lightweight, breathable, and holds its shape like a champ.

    This O’Niell Sonoma hat has all of the well-loved features of a traditional straw hat, and it’s a classic for a reason.

    The main material of the Sonoma hat is thin, flat sea straw. Because the straws are woven together in a crisscross pattern, the hat retains its shape without slipping down on your head.

    The ends of individual straws can stick out and scratch or poke your forehead, which some people dislike about straw hats. Needless to say, that is vexing!

    This hat has an elasticized band that acts as a skin shield to prevent scratching and poking. The band also ensures that the Sonoma stays in place and feels snug and comfortable.

    The adjustable chin strap, brim edge, and underside of the brim of the Sonoma hat are also accented with black fabric.

    The fabric on the underside of the brim not only adds a nice finishing touch, but it also blocks sunlight and adds extra stability. There will be no floppy brims here!

    Designed For Women

    Furtalk Wide Brim Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard UPF
    Furtalk Women’s Wide Brim Sun Hat

    This straw gardening hat for women combines the breeziness of classic straw with some stylish updates and sun protection.

    Instead of woven, flat lengths of straw, this hat is made of thin straw braided in rows. With an extra-tight weave, this construction gives the hat an interesting, textured look.

    Another advantage of tight braiding is that it effectively blocks the sun’s rays from reaching your face and neck. You won’t have to worry about annoying specks of sunlight distracting you while you’re working!

    The crown has an inner sizing strap with a Velcro closure, making it incredibly simple to adjust your hat to the perfect fit.

    The black fabric chin strap is another adjustable feature that provides a nice snug fit regardless of wind speed.

    This hat style is available from Furtalk in five neutral colors, including the one shown here in “khaki.” You can choose between lighter shades of beige and one with black strands mixed in.

    Best Gardening Hat with Netting

    CAMOLAND Mosquito Head Net Hat
    Palmyth Mosquito Head Net Hat For Women

    There’s a lot of advice on what to do when insects attack your plants, but what about when they attack you?

    In some parts of the country, insects such as mosquitoes, black flies, and gnats are a nuisance. Dousing yourself in bug spray is one option, but if you want to avoid chemicals, why not use your garden hat?

    Have you seen the guy in the picture above? Bugs, good luck getting to him! CAMOLAND hat has a layer of fine mesh net hanging from the brim. To protect your face and neck, the netting completely encircles your head.

    Even though the netting is fine enough to keep bugs out, you can still feel the wind on your face and breathe freely.

    Drawstring closure allows for a custom, snug fit that keeps pesky intruders out of your bug-free zone.

    It also keeps your netting from getting in your way while you’re working.

    Have the bugs finally gone away? (Even if only for a short time!) Roll up your netting over the brim and secure it with the drawstring for those fortunate moments. Done!

    Furthermore, this hat has a broad brim that shields your eyes and skin from the sun’s rays.

    Best Cute Garden Hat

    Mifulgoo Women’s Mech Sun Hat

    Want to spice up your gardening wardrobe with some style?

    This fun hat from Mifulgoo has many cute decorative elements as well as a few key components.

    The bright color is one of the first things you’ll notice about this hat. The color shown here is “orange-red,” but you can also select one of five other lovely colors: yellow, pink, black, grey, or yellow-beige.

    The wide band of mesh across the crown catches having to pass winds and allows moisture to evaporate. A thin fabric sweatband is also included to keep you dry.

    The wide brim shades your entire face as well as the back and sides of your neck.

    This hat is made to fit a little loosely for comfort. But, thanks to two handy interior ribbons, you can also get a customized crown fit.

    Another fun touch is the use of contrasting floral fabric on the underside of the brim. Bend the wired edge of the brim upwards (or in some other shape you like!) to show off the fabric.

    Best Cooling Garden Hat

    Ontel Arctic Hat

    If you live in a hot climate or an area with hot summers, you’ve probably felt uncomfortably warm while working in the garden a few times.

    For those who believe I’ve just made a significant understatement, the Arctic Hat from Ontel may provide some welcome relief!

    The hat helps you stay cool in a variety of ways.

    To begin with, the broad brim provides excellent shade for your face and neck.

    The top of the hat and the brim have a reflective surface that directs the sun’s rays away from your body. Mesh panels also run the length of the crown, allowing for better airflow and ventilation.

    But it’s the hat’s inner layer that makes it truly one-of-a-kind!

    When you dampen the Arctic Hat with water, the special absorbent material holds the water and slowly releases it while you wear the hat. According to Ontel, this cooling feature can keep your head up to 20 degrees F cooler than the surrounding air!

    Finally, the Arctic Hat has a drawstring fit adjuster and an adjustable chin strap for good measure.

    Best Quick-Dry Garden Hat

    GearTOP Navigator Sun Hat Foe Men
    GearTOP Women’s Navigator Sun Hat

    For those of us who easily break a sweat, a gardening hat may become uncomfortably wet long before the outdoor chores are finished.

    Not only that, but a damp hat can quickly develop an unpleasant odor.

    What should I do? Fortunately, the GearTOP Navigator hat dries quickly. Furthermore, this hat has a few features that will help you stay cooler (and possibly drier) in the first place.

    Let’s start with the quick-drying aspect. The crown of the hat was made of ultra-thin polyester material by GearTOP. If your hat gets wet, lay it in direct sunlight for a few minutes while you rest in the shade.

    When the break is over, you can return to work wearing a dry hat!

    In addition, the polyester weave provides SPF50+ sun protection!

    So, what about the cooling features?

    A mesh panel wraps around the crown, allowing more air to reach your skin and evaporating moisture.

    A layer of netting on the crown prevents moisture from becoming trapped within the hat.

    Finally, the wide brim shades your face and the back of your neck, preventing the sun’s rays from directly striking your skin.

    Best Convertible Garden Hat

    USHAKE Sun Cap with Neck and Face Flaps

    Is it appealing to you to tailor your hat to the current weather and your plans for the day?

    If so, you’ll likely appreciate the convertible features of the USHAKE sun hat. This hat is actually a four-piece set that includes the following items: a polyester cap, a breathable mesh neck flap, a breathable mesh face flap, and an adjustable chin strap.

    When all you want to do is keep the early morning sun rays out of your eyes, a simple baseball cap will suffice. The mesh sides of the cap allow for easy airflow, and the polyester fabric offers SPF50+ protection.

    But perhaps you’ll be working outside all day and don’t want to deal with a painful sunburn on the back of your neck. Who, after all, does?

    The mesh neck flap wraps part of the way around your head, providing shade to the back and sides of your neck. The neck flap is simple to attach, thanks to the snap and Velcro closures.

    You can also add a facing flap that protects your nose, cheeks, lips, and chin for added security. Aside from providing sun protection, the face flap can also help to keep dust and other small particles out.

    Finally, you can add an adjustable chin cord/strap to keep your hat in place on windy days.

    Best Cotton Garden Hat

    CHOK.LIDS Unisex Cotton Bucket Hat

    Do you favor hats made of natural materials? If you do, this cotton hat from CHOK.LIDS has a comfortable style and comes in a variety of colors.

    This hat is also machine washable because it is made of natural materials.

    This hat shades your eyes and upper neck while leaving a smaller footprint due to its classic bucket shape.

    Some gardeners may be concerned that cotton hats will retain heat and feel heavy, and, indeed, cotton will never be as light as polyester or nylon.

    However, this hat is made of a thin, lightweight material that provides the same level of breathability as cotton. In addition, four ventilation holes in the crown allow for additional airflow.

    These hats are available in 14 different colors, so you should have no trouble finding one you like! However, keep in mind that darker colors, such as black or navy, can absorb more heat, so you might want to stick with white if you spend a lot of time in direct sunlight.

    Final Verdict

    Gardening hats can help make your time in the garden safer and more comfortable.

    Best of all, there are a plethora of exciting styles and features to choose from! So, make today the day that you find the perfect gardening hat for you, and then go outside and enjoy the great outdoors!

    So, how about you? Do you always wear a gardening hat, or are you on the lookout for your first? Which style or features do you prefer? Do you have any additional questions?

    We’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

    We hope you enjoyed our selection of the best gardening hats for the season. We will update this list regularly. Let us know which one is your favorite or if you’ve purchased any of them in the comments. A good hat, in addition to a good pair of gloves, is an absolute necessity in the garden!

    FAQ About Gardening Hats

    The best gardening hat is one that is lightweight, practical, and breathable.

    Gardening sun hats are made to keep you cool and protected from the sun as you work up a sweat in the garden.

    Women's Active Sun Brim Hat with 5" Brim, 25% Polyester, 75% Paper, UPF 50+ (CTH8021) The ideal companion for all of your gardening needs!

    Gardening hats provide comfort and skincare while you're digging, planting, and potting.

    Numerous styles and options are available, such as a floppy paper straw gardening hat for the bohemian bulb planter.

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