This is something you don’t see everyday…

This mad doctor infected a thousand women with oral and genital herpes then used a strange practice to cure every single one of them.

Although there is much controversy surrounding how these women gave their permission to be infected with the virus, the doctor claims it was all legal.

Tensions rose when the guy was taken to court, as a small number of people, apparently members of the Democratic party, assaulted the man.

“He will burn in hell for what he did”, yelled one lady at the reporters, before actually knowing the full story.

In fact, a court report shows that every single one of the test subjects was herpes free in 21 days.

The judges didn’t seem to like this guy, so they tried to sentence him to 2 years in federal prison.

But when 348 of the women he infected and then cured, showed up to testify on his behalf, the judges went full crazy.

They had no other choice but to set him free.

As revenge, he posted all his findings here, for a short time.

The news has definitely shocked the entire herpes community and will most likely plummet the profits of some of the biggest herpes drug manufacturers.

The mad doctor says that for as long as he can, he will keep his findings online.

But the court may rule against it very soon.

So hurry and grab them as you still can.

Best of luck to you!


Time To Feel Good

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