What We Do, Our Mission, and Our Values

Hi! We are The PathosBay, known as “Leading Lifestyle,” and our mission is to help you live a decent and stylish life.

We are obsessed with creating well-researched and practical guides and reviews of the best methods and gear so that you can plan without wasting time or money – or worse, learning and purchasing the wrong things.

You may notice that The PathosBay is not like other communities:

  1. We don’t post new content every day. We prioritize quality over quantity.
  2. We believe in genuine, well-crafted content that gets you what you need quickly and correctly, so you don’t have to sift through the garbage.
  3. Our articles are updated regularly. We occasionally publish starter articles and then fill them out later.
  4. We believe in Sane Lifestyle, which is a mental framework for getting ready. Lifestyle should be logical, practical, and cost-effective.
  5. We believe that everyone, regardless of politics or creed, can and should be inspired for a decent lifestyle. You won’t find any politically charged language here. Everyone is welcome.
  6. Being self-sufficient and pathos, we believe, is both logical and responsible. We don’t believe in scare tactics or propaganda. It’s unlikely that zombies will eat your face tomorrow, but you might witness a car accident or a natural disaster.
  7. We are proud to be Pathos and believe that sharing the responsibility and fun of lifestyle strengthens us all.

Leading Lifestyle

Life & Style Blogger

Behind every lavish Lifestyle, some people and products help to make it possible.

Leading Lifestyle is committed to providing the best health and wellness so you can enjoy life without interruption.

“Leading Lifestyle” is dedicated to giving you the best lifestyle, and wellness tips so you can enjoy life without interruptions.

We are known for helpful blog posts and articles about home gardens, crafting, food style, fitness, and more.

“Leading Lifestyle” shows you how to live a beautiful, healthy, and stylish life right now.

Pathos Bay

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Instead of publishing every day, we concentrate on higher-quality posts.

Every day, there are many spammy blogs, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels churning outposts. It’s a ploy to keep you interested and clicking on their products (and it works). Their goal is to increase the number of page views as much as possible. And because of the volume, writers aren’t devoting as much time and effort to creating the best content for you. They sit down, write a few hundred words, hit publish, collect their ad money, and move on. 

But then they run out of content – how many times can a bug-out bag be recycled? As a result, they end up covering spammy topics such as “leave your sanctuary city NOW before Obama takes your guns!” or compiling clumsy lists like “18 ways to use Q-Tips to kill zombies!”

It would be fine if you could ignore it, but it makes so much noise that determining a sane and practical way to prepare is far too tricky. Most people, however, do not bother.

 The PathosBay focuses on higher-quality, less-frequently updated content. We do the grunt work, so you don’t have to.

Instead of creating new pages, we update existing ones.

Tired of searching for an answer only to be directed to a page written many years ago? The Prepared operates differently – think of it as a wiki, with topical pages updated over time. Many pages have a “change log” where we keep track of updates.

While our writers are doing the more prolonged research and testing, we will occasionally post “stub” articles that are shorter and have “quick pick” recommendations. We do this so that you can get helpful information as soon as possible.

The PathosBay Pick

We adore the products we recommend and entrust them with our lives. We choose each pick with great care, relying on expert advice, research, and testing. When you see The PathosBay Pick, you can be confident that it is the best option for most people.

Our goal is always straightforward: find and explain the best solution. We may update our picks over time in response to new information (such as feedback or recalls) and product changes.

The PathosBay Promise

Are you fed up with prepping information that is skewed? Like a list of “the ultimate bug out bags” that play coy about only promoting the products they sell, or product reviews that avoid saying anything negative to prevent losing an advertiser?

We’ve heard marketing directors for lifestyle supply companies brag about how they put out many clickbait contents with “reviews” that pretend to be impartial but are only meant to persuade people to buy their products. Sad!

We guarantee that if we recommend something, we have done the research and know it is the best. Advertisers, backroom deals, affiliate links – nothing can sway our decisions. Forever. Period.

How do we earn money?

Hopefully, you noticed a lack of the all-too-common obnoxious advertisements or paid “advertorial” guest posts that you can find on many other lifestyle websites.

We may receive a referral commission if you click a link and purchase a product we recommend. Thats is how we can provide you with such high-quality, well-researched content for free and without annoying advertisements.


It costs you nothing, and your prices remain constant. Merchants pay referral (or “affiliate”) commissions all the time; you aren’t aware of it. Most importantly, it will have no bearing on what we recommend.

We are a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. This affiliate advertising program allows us to earn money by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

How you can help us with our work

Creating the best lifestyle content globally while paying Americans (and some Canadians!) a living wage is costly.

If we’ve earned it, you can show your support by doing the following:

  • Spread the word about The Prepared to your friends, family, and neighbors. Getting your network ready is also an excellent strategic move.
  • Would you please donate to our work on Patreon and receive exclusive rewards? You can, for example, automatically tip us $1 whenever we publish a central new review. Tipping more grants you special access to features such as voting on the next post and first looks at new content.
  • By clicking on our links, you can purchase the products we recommend. Stores like Amazon know that they should give us credit if you click on our links and buy within 24 hours.

Why should you put your trust in The PathosBay?

We’ve started The PathosBay because we wanted this information as well – if we’re going to do all the research and testing, we might as well share it with you.

We have the experience, knowledge, network, and skills to find, test, and select the best gear for your lifestyle needs. Our team of nerds is obsessed with preparing you without wasting money or time.

To see if that well-reviewed Amazon filter will make you sick, our researchers will drink dirty water from a parking lot puddle. (Hint: It can, unfortunately!)

We love leading lifestyle, and each contributor to The PathosBay has been prepping for over three years on average.

What's the problem with other reviews, such as those on Amazon?

Peer reviews aided the mainstreaming of eCommerce. Because they have such an enormous influence on what people buy, many companies have begun to game the system to influence your decision. Millions of Amazon reviews, for example, are fake and paid for – either to promote a specific product or to harm a competitor’s product.

This is a well-documented issue. Amazon has even sued these fraudulent companies, but the odds are stacked against them. Here’s some more research:

  1. Already analyzed 360,000 Amazon reviews.
  2. Why you shouldn’t believe reviews, according to Fortune.
  3. A marketplace where people are paid to write reviews is an example.
  4. The Wirecutter‘s take on negative feedback.
  5. A paid reviewer’s confession.
  6. Another confession.


There’s a more significant issue with reviews. They are illiterate and lack context. You can, for example, search Amazon for gardening kits. You sort through the best-reviewed items and come across a $10 kit with glowing (fake) reviews. When you read the reviews, you’ll see comments like, “this kit is fantastic!”

Except that it is not. Even if the reviewer is a legitimate buyer writing an honest review, they frequently don’t know what they should have, what they shouldn’t have, how to use it, and so on. They may think the kit is excellent simply because it arrived on time and contained gardening-looking items. Then it snowballs: more people buy, more people think, “yeah, it seems fine,” give it five stars, and so on.

In the case of live plants, some of the cool plants aren’t even available on Amazon, and they aren’t widely marketed. So how would a random Amazon customer know that the $10 Chinese knockoff they purchased is fantastic?

Many lifestyle websites publish “reviews” and “best of” lists. They don’t, however, add any real value. Because their goal is to get visitors and page views to their site to make more advertising money, they get their value when you click on the headline “Best Bug Out Bags” – it makes no difference if the content they provide is correct.

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