The Ultimate Guide to Succulents With Red Tips: Cultivation, Varieties, and Care Tips

Succulents with red tips

At Leading Lifestyle, we believe that plants aren’t just about green. They are living canvases that tell a tale of their well-being, struggle, and adaptation through their vibrant colors. Specifically, succulents with red tips have captivated the hearts of many enthusiasts. However, this dramatic change in color isn’t just an aesthetic feature; it’s a biological […]

Planting a Rooftop Garden: Creating an Urban Oasis with Leading Lifestyle

Welcome to Leading Lifestyle’s guide on transforming your rooftop into a captivating urban oasis. Rooftop gardens offer a remarkable solution to counteract the lack of clean air in our urban centers, providing numerous advantages beyond aesthetics. At Leading Lifestyle, we believe in the power of rooftop gardens to improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, combat […]

Transform Your Home with Succulents: A Decor Guide

Explore creative ways to incorporate succulents into your home decor. Get the inspiration you need to transform your space. Click to start your decor journey.

Simple Guide to Growing and Caring for Trailing Air Plants

Trailing air plants

This winter, will you spend more time at home? Want to make your living space more interesting by adding some new plants? The trailing Air plant is the only item to consider (Tillandsia).  These unique plants look like sculptures, go with any style, and don’t need soil to grow. You’ll love this South American native’s […]

Practical Guidelines for Renovating Your Backyard on a Budget

Practical Guidelines for Renovating Your Backyard on a Budget

If you want to make changes to your backyard without spending a lot of money, you’ll be glad to know that there are many smart ways to do so.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get big results from simple tips and tricks. So, if you want to make a new […]

Types of Indoor Cactus: A Guide To Growing Great Cacti Indoors

There are many beautiful types of indoor cactus that you can or should keep in your home or office. Today, we’ll look at some of the best. You’ve probably seen cacti decorating the exteriors of many homes and office buildings. There are many types of cacti that can be grown, but not all of them […]

Queen Of The Night Cactus | Growing Guide

Queen Of The Night Cactus

The epiphyllum oxypetalum, also known as the “Queen of the Night” cactus, is a plant that lasts all year long. It can grow up to 10 feet tall and can be found worldwide. It grows in hardiness zones 10 and 11, and it’s a plant that grows on other plants for support because it doesn’t […]

Planting Succulents: The Easiest Way to Brighten Your Home

Planting Succulents: The Easiest Way to Brighten Your Home

Planting succulents is the simplest way to brighten up your home. They are simple to care for and can be used in various settings; also, they can fit in any environment. Succulents are among the simplest plants to grow. They need little water, no sunlight, and even live in a pot without soil! Plus, they’re […]

Donkey Tail Succulent Ultimate Guide to Growing and Caring for

Donkey Tail Succulent

Morganianum Sedum, also known as the Donkey Tail Succulent, is a genus of plants that grow in Mexico and is one of about 600 species in the family Crassulaceae (stonecrop). The Morganianum Sedum is also known as the Donkey Tail Succulent. [source] This article is about growing, caring for, and using the donkey tail succulent. […]

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