The Best Loppers for Pruning Trees and Shrubs

It’s a wonderful summer day, and you’re outside on your property line looking at your trees. You see, there are a lot of young branches growing from your hedges, bushes, and shrubs that line the perimeter of your house.

So you’ve got trees that need to be clipped, and your hand-held prunes just won’t make it – both figuratively and physically. What are you going to do?

Invest in a decent pair of loppers, of course! But how are you going to know what you need, and are there really any gaps between them? Let’s figure out what you need to know about loppers, and we’re going to make some suggestions for particular products.

It would help if you had a lopper to cut it all out. When you need to remove tree limbs that are up to an inch high, this device is the perfect option for your gardening activities. Loppers give you plenty of cutting strength, and most versions come with long handles for extra leverage while cutting.

You’ll get a clean-cut, and the long handles will also help you reach the higher branches without the need to get a ladder. Loppers are excellent for trimming any large bushes or trees that tend to overrun areas and crowd out other plants.

The best loppers for you would depend on your unique needs in the garden. In this article, we’re going to look at what you need to know to make a good decision. Don’t buy a lopper before reading the ratings.

Yeah, the loppers are all very close in the work they do, but they couldn’t be any different from each other—the length and strength they have!

Our Top Picks

If you don’t have time to waste hours exploring the right loppers, relax. We’ve done it for you. In this article, after looking for hundreds of listings, we have our top three choices. We’ve got a model to fit your gardening needs and your budget.

Best Pick: Fiskars 28-Inch Bypass Lopper

Gardeners looking for a quick and powerful range of loppers will get the maximum value from the Fiskars 28-inch loppers.

This tool comes with large jaws, allowing you to cut branches up to 1,5-inch thick. The extended 28-inch handles give you plenty of power over the tool and plenty of leverage for a fast, clean cut that seems effortless.

With a weatherproof finish and a low-friction coating, these loppers will not rust if you leave them outside.

Premium Pick: Corona DualLINK Bypass Lopper

Gardeners looking for the right premium loppers would love the Duallink Corona model. The groundbreaking construction of the jaws on this lopper makes chopping 35 percent smoother, with a 13⁄4-inch jaw for cutting the thickest branches.

The robust steel handle measures 29-inch, with a 135-degree gap for the widest cuts. These loppers are an outstanding choice for landscapers who need a semi-industrial product that they can trust on the job site.

Budget Pick: The iGarden 3-Piece Lopper Set

If you’re looking for the most inexpensive loppers you can buy, check out this one.

The iGarden 3-piece lopper package with shears and plums is a perfect alternative for the ideal all-round approach for any small to medium-sized garden. The loppers have 28-inch handles with soft grips and a jaw capable of chopping branches up to 1,5-inch thick.

You’ll also get the garden shears and prunes included with this package at an attractive price that any gardener can find fair.

Best Loppers Reviews

Now that you know our top picks, let’s unpack them in more depth. We’re also going to take a peek at styles from a few other brands to give you a few more choices.

Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper – The Best Overall Loppers

The Fiskars 28-inch loppers give you the absolute power of your yard. With razor-sharp bypass blades and long handles for a lot of leverage. These loppers are the best alternative for your work in the garden.

These blades carry a tip, with carbon steel architecture and construction. Specialized non-stick coating stops tree sap from gumming the blades during operation.

The rubberized handles and the rubber stopper behind the blades absorb the impact of the cut, taking you back to the closed position without hurting your wrists. The Fiskars 28-inch loppers are the recipients of our top pick as the best overall loppers in this study.



Corona DualLINK Bypass Lopper – The Best Premium Loppers

The Corona SL Dual-Link is the top option for gardeners who need a luxury range of loppers. This model has won the award for the best luxury model in this study.

Razor-sharp carbon steel blades are mounted on a “Dual-link” cutting jaw device that gives you 3x cutting strength. The long 29-inch handles mean that you get plenty of leverage, delivering effortless branch cuts of up to 13⁄4-inch.

The ComfortGel grips on this model are good, offering ergonomic protection for your hands when operating the lopper. Lightweight aluminum handles make it easy to operate overhead, reducing discomfort when trimming several branches.



iGarden 3 Piece Combo Garden Tool Set – The Best Budget Loppers

Gardeners in need of pruning shears and garden shears included with their loppers should look at this 3-piece mix package from iGarden.

This model features ergonomic rubberized handle loppers for improved control and ease of use. You get bypass blades for precise and useful cutting and PTFE-coated blades for smooth cutting operation.

The shears are perfect for trimming hedges, and the pruning shears are great for trimming your bonsais and rose bushes. This package delivers an outstanding value for money and takes the top spot for the best budget model in this analysis.



Fiskars 15 Inch PowerGear Super Pruner

This Fiskars 15″ lopper is a perfect alternative for gardeners who want a single-hand pruner and lopper. This model features short handles with a sharp cutting head. The bypass blades on this model are equipped with additional leverage via the gear mechanism on the side of the cutting head.

Split the branches up to 11⁄4-inch, then do the pruning without having to mage two handles. This tool is suitable for rose bushes, small shrubs, and low tree branches. This lopper was awarded the Ease-of-Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation, making it a top pick for senior gardeners.



Corona Compound Action Anvil Lopper

The Corona compound 32″ model is a perfect choice if you’re a landscaper looking for a decent range of loppers to cut the trees and hedges of your customer.

This model has a more rugged and industrial look, with long 32-inch red handles and rubber grips. This lopper has a 1.5-inch cutting range with PTFE polished, non-stick carbon steel blades and anvil.



Melnor Telescoping Bypass Lopper and Pruner Set

The professional Melnor pruning package is a perfect alternative for gardeners looking for a hybrid pruning set. You’ll get a pair of loppers and pruning shears, featuring neon yellow rubberized ergonomic handles. The bypass cutter head of the loppers seems like a bigger version of the pruning shears.

The telescopic handles range from 28 to 37-inch with cast steel bypass cutting blades for fast cutting. The no-slip grip is great, allowing you complete control of the loppers and the shears.



STEELHEAD Heavy-Duty 27-40″ Adjustable Gear-Bypass Limb & Branch Lopper

This model is made for serious landscapers and contractors searching for a professional lopper that lasts a lifetime.
These loppers use SK-5 reinforced steel architecture and construction. The telescopic button on the handles helps you to stretch the arms from 27-inch to 40-inch, enabling you to reach the tallest branches.

The soft grip of the handle decreases the shock of the cut, minimizing fatigue in your palms. This lopper features a compound action leveraging system that helps you to cut branches up to 2-inch wide.



Other 8 Best Loppers Breakdown




How To Choose The Best Loppers- Ultimate Buyer's Guide

So, what do you need to look for in a pair of loppers in the garden? In this portion, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about how the lopper works, what kinds of cutting systems you get with the product, and how to pick the best lopper to match your yard work.

The Types of Loppers

Garden loppers usually have an inward-curved lower jaw and an outward-curved upper jaw. But there are two key styles you can pick from – bypass or anvil loppers.

The most common bypass loppers have the upper cutting blade that slides past the lower fixed jaw in a scissor-like motion, hence the term bypass. They have a safe and even cut that easily heals live plants. One downside is that if there is some looseness in the bolt that ties the lopper together, smaller materials will jam between the blades and make it impossible to open or close.

Anvil loppers include the top cutting tip and the lower notched jaw with the upper blade. They have excellent leverage for tougher materials. The resulting cut may not be as clean and neat and may cause cracking or labeling on the bark of the plant, so it is usually recommended for use on dry wood.

Blade Styles For Loppers

When choosing your lopper, be sure to verify what kind of steel the maker uses in the blades. Hardened carbon steel is the perfect option, because it keeps the edge, and you won’t have to sharpen the blades as much as you can.

Make sure you have a model with coated blades. PTFE coatings have a non-stick surface that lets you avoid cutting while sticky sap is leaking through the blades. Using a fine metal file to restore the edge when sharpening the steel blades. If you don’t own a file, drop the loppers off with the nearest garden center and they’ll get them sharpened for you in a couple of days.

It is important to look at the hardness of the cutting surface when looking at the blades. Most high-quality loppers feature a short, thick blade design and construction with a curved component. Many experienced loppers have voltage changes that allow you to use more of the blades.

Cutting Heads

There are three categories when it comes to cutting the lopper’s action:

  • Geared loppers
  • Ratcheting loppers
  • Compound action loppers

The geared lopper uses gears to allow the gardener more leverage. Usually, these techniques have shorter arms and some operate for single-handed use.

Clamping loppers clamp as you close and loosen the knives, cutting in steps instead of in one step. These versions are less common and typically have greater cutting capacities for branches up to 3-inch thick.

A compound motion lopper uses a number of movement mechanisms to open and close the blades. There are additional components in this lopper that involve cleaning and tightening between usage.

Handle Arrangements

Check out the handles before you buy your lopper. Loppers come in a number of handle lengths, with fixed and telescopic handles. If you’ve got medium height trees in your yard, you can get away with a 28-inch handle for much of your yard work.

However, you get versions with handles up to 32-inch for taller trees. Some feature telescopic handles that reach up to 40 feet in height, enabling you to cut the tallest trees.

Shorter handles make it easier to manage the lopper, particularly in tight spaces. However, the longer the sticks, the more leverage you’ve got on the knives. As a consequence, you can quickly cut through 1.5-inch branches.

The longer the handle, the tougher it’s to move the loppers, and you’re going to have to be cautious about your cut. Customizing telescopic or extended handles is fantastic, but you should expect to pay more for the feature.

Still, look for a locking mechanism in the stretching arms of your lopper. We recommend that you get a single-locked type, as opposed to a twisted telescopic bolt. The twist-lock would gradually wear down, reducing the lock on the loppers. You can have one side that locks, and the other side doesn’t, which limits the healthy use of the lopper and the precision of the cut.

If necessary, we suggest against telescopic or extendable handles. If you need to trim trees high up, it’s best to invest in a ladder for your gardening equipment. When you pick a heavy-duty lopper for your yard work, stick to loppers with 28 to 32-inch handles.


Ergonomic and Non-Slip Grips

The grips are as important as the handles when picking your lopper. The grips are where you get in touch with the tool, and you need complete control throughout the cutting process. We recommend that you search for loppers with ergonomic handles. These grips form your hands, allowing you supreme leverage over the cut. The ergonomic grip also decreases operator exhaustion. As a result, you will get more trimming with less pressure in your palms, and less pain later in the evening. Opt for the right convenience in silicone grips. Silicone molds the hands and gives strong traction even when wet.

We want brightly colored handles to help us find our tools in the garden when we misplace them from time to time. Ensure that the handle uses generous padding to minimize the blade feedback on the hands while cutting.

Look for a stopper that absorbs the impact between the blades, near to the head of the tool. This combination of a stopper and a rubber grip eliminates much of the shock from the cutting action.

The Weight in Your Hands

The weight of your lopper is another important factor when picking the perfect model. With lighter loppers, you’re getting a tool that’s simple to use, particularly overhead. As a result, you reduce operator exhaustion and save your shoulders from getting sore during the trimming session.

However, lightweight loppers are almost always of poorer quality relative to those loppers that feel heavier in your hands. Heavier loppers sound firm and usually deliver a cleaner cutting action when trimming trees.


Combination or Single Lopper Sets?

Some brands are selling mix packs. You have a chance to buy a lopper, along with pruning and garden shears. If you don’t have a pair of pruning shears, then we suggest that you pick up a mixed set. Trying to cut smaller trees with loppers is dangerous, and you might end up destroying your shrubs or rose bushes.

It would benefit if you were to have smaller pruning shears for this mission. Some loppers come with shorter handles for this job, allowing good choices for the pruning of small trees. However, if you already own pruning shears or gardening shears, you won’t need all the equipment in a combination package.

Best Loppers FAQ

Are you still trying hard to make your decision? Check out these commonly asked questions for more details if you’re always scratching your head and struggling to settle on the right loppers:

Conclusions on the Best Loppers

Now, you should have a clear idea of the loppers that are the best option for your gardening needs. If you’re a homeowner or a landscaping specialist, there’s a collection of loppers in this analysis to suit your gardening needs.

If you’re always on the fence when it comes to your buying decision, why not focus on our top choices?

The Fiskars 28-inch Bypass Lopper is an ideal alternative for any gardener with ample cutting strength to pass across dense branches.

The Corona Dual-Link Bypass Lopper is the better option if you need anything more powerful for wider branches. With dual-link jaws, you get extra power on your slices, enabling you to extract branches up to 13⁄4-inch thick.

If you’re looking for the perfect price for a new pair of loppers, check out the iGarden 3-piece set. You’ll get loppers, pruning shears, and gardening shears, all in one package at a reasonable price.

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