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Who Else Wants To Enjoy Pink Succulent

Pink succulents

These stunning succulents look fantastic as centerpieces or as part of a more significant collection or design. They’re a great addition to a spring color palette, but they also look great all year. So if you want to add a pop of color to your succulent collection, consider a plant in your new favorite color: pink! Pink Succulent!

Pink flowers are common, but what about pink plants? These pretty pink succulents are ideal for pastel lovers. Whichever shade of pink you prefer, you’re sure to find it on this list of the best pink plants.

Many times, the exact succulents that appear purple will appear pink at other times. Some succulents are typically beige, brown, or red. Still, when subjected to stressful conditions – excessive light or insufficient water – they will turn pink at the edges or tips or appear more pink than usual overall.

Cutting most of the roots off your succulent and re-potting will stress it enough to keep it in its stressed state indoors for a while. However, doing so will halt the plant’s growth until it can regrow its roots, so you may want to avoid doing so. If you don’t mind the size, it’s currently at or has already reached full maturity; however, this could be a good option.

Also, while we’ve tried our best to make a list of pink succulents, But surely we’ve missed a few, so please let us know if you have any suggestions for other pink succulents to include.

Pink Echeveria

Echeveria laui
Echeveria ‘Perle Von Nurnberg’
Echeveria ‘Raindrops’
Echeveria ‘Afterglow’
Echeveria trumpet ‘Pinky’

Pink Graptoveria, Graptopetalums, & Graptosedums

Graptopetalum paraguayense (‘Ghost Plant’)
Graptopetalum paraguayense (‘Blue Bird’)
Graptosedum ‘California Sunset’
Graptosedum ‘Alpenglow’
Graptosedum ‘Francesco Baldi’
Graptoveria Debbie Succulent

Other Pink Succulents

Crassula pellucida variegata (‘Calico Kitten’)
Anacampseros Rufescens ‘Sunrise’
Pachyphytum oviferum (‘Pink Moonstone’)
Aloe ‘Pink Blush’
Crassula pellucida
Moonstones Pachyphytum
Sedum spurium tricolor
Sedum rubrotinctum ‘Aurora’

Unless they are overly stressed, most succulents will appear green the majority of the time. No succulent (please correct us if we’re wrong) is pink all the time, whether stressed or not.

This could mean that if you buy a pink succulent and plan to put it indoors, depending on where you put it and whether it gets enough light to be stressed, it will fade to green over time. The solution is simple, though it may be difficult to achieve: find the perfect bright spot for your succulent to sit, with just enough light to cause it to change color but not so much that it gets sunburned.

You can also take a succulent outside during the warm months to expose it to more sunlight, then bring it inside when it has changed to its stressed color. This color change will not last forever, but it will last for a reasonable period.

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