Best Succulent Planters Review: The Perfect Buying Guide

Are you looking for a way to add more style to your home? Adding plants to your décor is a great way to bring life into any room. Succulents make an excellent indoor or outdoor plant. They thrive in warm climates and require little maintenance. Succulents are hardy and grow in drier soils, so they don’t require as much water as other plants.

Including succulents in your indoor garden is a fantastic idea. They come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and characteristics. You don’t have to worry about root depth when planting succulents. These plants thrive in shallow soils and can tolerate being dry for weeks at a time.

Selecting the best growing container for your succulents is a difficult task. You could keep the old plastic pot that came with the plant from the nursery, but that is not a visually appealing aesthetic for your home. For your succulent, use a ceramic or stone planter and an attractive pot for your indoor garden.

This article discusses the best succulent pots and planters. We have the ideal succulent planter for you. Continue reading to find the model that is best suited to your plants and décor.

You’ll have the best succulent planters to make the most of their or your mini indoor garden if you have a brown thumb, low tolerance for especially finicky house plants, or if you’re shopping for gifts for hipsters who happen to love succulents.

Succulents are very simple to care for. It’s not necessary to whisper sweet nothings or play classical music to these tough plants. They retain water in their leaves, so even if you’re gone for a week or two, you won’t return to shriveled, dead plants. Maybe that’s why hipsters are so popular – succulents are just as self-sufficient.

Our favorite succulent pots have various features to look for, such as drain holes and drip trays, but they won’t mar wooden tabletops or window sills. In terms of style, they’re mostly small, much like the plants for which they’re intended.

If you’re looking for hanging pots, groups that can be spread out, or pots in vibrant colors, unusual shapes, and a variety of sizes, our selection is sure to please. Please keep in mind that none of them contain succulent plants or potting medium, so you’ll want to get them all ready for the arrival of your planters.

We’re pretty sure this clever planter and tray set has appeared in at least one Chip and Joanna Gaines designed home. The cool farmhouse style is ideal for any rustic kitchen, even one that has recently been renovated. It’s also ideal for someone who adores shabby chic. The tiny galvanized pots resemble traditional farm buckets. These planters are just over four inches tall and four inches wide, making them ideal for starting herbs or planting succulents.

The tray is nearly 13 inches long, and because galvanized steel is weather and rust-resistant, you can use this planter both indoors and outdoors. Another galvanized set from Barnyard Designs has a rounded tray and easy-to-lift handles on the sides of each succulent planter. Both sets would be ideal picnic table accessories for holding napkins and plastic silverware.

This adorable set would be an ideal unisex gift for anyone on your list. Looking for more unisex gift ideas?


Hammered copper is extremely fashionable, whether it’s used in jewelry, barware, or, as in this case, succulent planters. It’s trendy and sophisticated, but it can also appear vintage or antique. Whatever your decorating style, this succulent planter set will complement it with three 4.5-inch-wide pots with drain holes and a matching 16-inch-long drip tray. 

These pots are ideal for a window sill and can be dressed up for the holidays by adding greenery to the drip tray. The pots and tray are made of sturdy aluminum and have an antique copper finish. The Two-Tier Succulent Window Box Planter set, also in copper finish, includes two 12 inch long pots with a black powder-coated frame to hold them at graduated heights.

If you’re looking for a single long copper finish pot with a fitted drip tray, this one is a foot long. The wavy texture is what distinguishes this planter.


Sometimes you have a limited amount of space or prefer a more open look for your adorable succulents. This is when this one-of-a-kind planter and stand combination can create a dramatic design in a small amount of space. The three-tiered plant stand is made of water-resistant bamboo and is sturdy. The trapezoidal trays provide additional space for your pots and interesting verticality, and you can even use them as a device holder when working nearby.
The low round white ceramic pots are high tempered and extremely durable to last for a long time. This plant stand looks great once planted on any ledge or counter. If you’re looking for verticality, we think you’ll like this one-of-a-kind three-tiered plant stand that resembles a tree and holds three white ceramic owl planters. 


Many succulent planter sets are typically one size and shape. That, we believe, is what makes this trio so appealing. First and foremost, we think you’ll love the bright pop of blue they add to the room, but you can also get them in green, white, or black. The hexagon shapes and the fact that they come in three different heights make these cool pots stand out. That’s awesome.
Perhaps you’re more concerned with a range of sizes than with a range of heights. In that case, this white ceramic three-planter set gives you many options for how many succulents you plant per pot. This set’s smallest pot is slightly shorter than the other two, and they measure six, five, and 3.8 inches across.


When you have too few tables and too much stuff, hanging your succulents is the best way to display them, and these stunning planters have a lot to offer in terms of looks. For starters, they are larger than standard small pots. You can plant succulents and cactus groupings at six and eight inches wide to create an eye-catching display.
Because these pots have an adjustable rope hanger, you can offset them for a more eye-catching presentation. Another feature you’ll appreciate about these pots is the gorgeous silver metallic glaze, which gives them the appearance of galvanized steel with a golden circle highlight. If you like the metallic look, you might like these Concrete and Metallic-Painted Succulent Planters for your tabletop or counter.


If you have trouble arranging plants to create a perfect or playful design, this set of succulent planters makes it simple to create a focal point for your plants. Each pot has a distinctive ball shape that sits perfectly on a hexagon bamboo drainage tray. You can make fun geometric patterns out of them or arrange them in a line. In either case, the shape combination is eye-catching.
If you don’t like such a straight line, pair these round pots with round bamboo trays, or mix and match them with these cool square succulent pots and matching square trays.


If you prefer simplicity, especially when it comes to design, these succulent pots from Greenaholics feature cool inverted triangle designs that would look great in any Southwest-inspired home. They’d look great in an industrial setting, with their black and white designs that harken back to the art deco era. Each of the three pots is slightly larger than three inches across and slightly taller than three inches. They come with perfectly fitted round bamboo drain trays because they have a drainage hole.
Are you looking for a little more color? These mandala printed pots feature vibrant reds, blues, and greens that will add a bright pop of color to any designed space. You can also get a two-pot set with blue mandalas or a simple black and white Japanese pot set for your zen space.


Are you an owl fan, or do you have someone on your gift list who is? This adorable set of small planters features two playful owls, each glazed differently, and can definitely add a fun spark to any room that could use some levity. With a diameter of about 2.2 inches, these adorable hoots can easily accommodate one small succulent per pot. They’d also make great crayon holders for your kids’ craft area or a place to store your shaped shears for scrapbooking.


If you’re looking for some cute succulent planters with a bit of color but nicely organic shapes, this set of six will add a pop of lively personality to any tabletop or window sill they’re placed on. They’re small enough to make everything look perfectly placed, whether you use them in a six-pot grouping or spread them out.
These clever little pots have an advantage over many others in that they have a drainage hole in the bottom. That means you should let them drain completely before placing them on a wood surface, or you can get small plant saucers to place beneath them. These adorable pots would also make a great gift for a friend, with some having a full ceramic glaze and others only partially glazed.
This same company has a couple of other sets worth looking at, one with brightly colored crackle glazes and another in the shape of seashells.


These Japanese design succulent pots will fit right in whether you’re looking for a quiet mood maker in your meditation area or trying to create the perfect zen space for deep thought. This set of eight pots features traditional Japanese-inspired blue and white designs with flowers, waves, and other patterns that evoke a true sense of calm. They have a small drainage hole at the bottom and perfectly fitting bamboo trays to catch stray drips.
Do you have a tropical theme going on in your home? Another fun option that adds color and dimension to your space is these pineapple succulent pots. If you’re looking for a planter set with six different shaped pots, we also like this speckled gray and white set.


We fell in love with these white succulent planters and imagined them on kitchen or bathroom walls with brass fixtures or pulls. The flat back of these upside-down triangular pots slides into a diamond design brass wireframe. This set includes brass screws for mounting the frames, and the pots easily slide out for watering or changing out the plants. They’ll make an excellent focal point with a total frame height of 7.25 inches.
You can also get a larger pot and hanger for agave or cactus that measures 15 inches in total height to make your wall-mounted plantings look even more dramatic. We also discovered a similar pair of planters with elongated triangular pots and another interesting grouping of these incredible pots with brass wire tabletop stands.


Even if you’re not a crazy cat lady (or even if you are), you can’t help but adore these adorable white ceramic kitten succulent pots. Three adorable cats snuggle, stretch, and arch on white ceramic trays. They have a ribbon and a bell collar to add to their appeal. Each of these pots can hold a single succulent plant, and the bottoms are drilled with a small drainage hole to prevent over-watering. Each cat measures about 4.5 inches long.
Not a fan of cats? Don’t be concerned. You can get amusing hippo pods, adorable doggies, baby bunnies, and even arctic polar bears. All come with drainage trays that are custom-made to fit them, and you could get them all and create a perfect succulent menagerie.


This rustic wood planter is ideal for your beach house, cabin, or sun porch and features three cube-shaped pots that nestle into a matching wooden tray. The tray is just over a foot long and has footed ends that keep it off the table or window sill—the three matching pots are about 3.5 inches square. With a naturally weathered appearance, they’re ideal for succulents, cactus, or low-maintenance air plants.
You can even use these cool wooden planters to create a long-lasting herb garden in your kitchen. Order this ten-pack of heirloom seeds, and you’ll have fresh herbs to snip for all of your culinary creations. If you’re purchasing this as a gift, don’t forget to include a handy pair of herb scissors.


Do you want a succulent pot that can hold a collection of small plants and cactus? This simple ceramic circle is the ideal foil for this. With a diameter of 6.29 inches, you can plant several succulents at once, and the rounded bottom edge allows for excellent drainage thanks to a hole in the planter’s bottom. This pot comes with a perfectly fitted bamboo drainage tray, giving it a modern and minimal appearance.

Not a fan of the white and bamboo combination or in need of a larger pot? Check out this eight-inch modern planter with a matching white drainage tray.


Maybe you like Guardians of the Galaxy or Stan Lee’s DC Marvel Comics. Perhaps you were drawn in by the adorable appearance of this little tree friend. (He got to us as well.) Anyone who enjoys anthropomorphic characters will appreciate these Baby Groot succulent planters. Whatever drew you to them, these small planters are a great way to display your succulents, especially if you have an eclectic design style.
Each pot is made of non-toxic PVC that is virtually indestructible. They’d be ideal for plants or pencils in your children’s rooms or on the patio, where pets won’t knock them over. They are, however, efficient planters, with each having a drain hole to allow excess water to escape. They could be the ideal way to get your kids interested in plant care. And if you only want to start with a single pot, this one is a great place to start.
If you’re getting these for kids, you might want to get them a small watering can that they can easily handle to make plant care a little more fun and spill-free.


If you have a green thumb or want to make a dramatic centerpiece for your dining table – or both – this long wooden box is a great way to display candles and artificial succulents. It measures 18 inches long and has beautiful craftsmanship with carefully box jointed corners. You wouldn’t want to add water to this mix because it’s an unlined vessel. Still, for a more dramatic display, combine artificial succulents or seashells with pillar candles of varying heights.
If you prefer a wooden planter with pre-arranged artificial succulents, this one is a beauty and completely hassle-free for those of you who frequently travel, making plant care impossible.


Do you have a narrow wall that you’ve been looking for the perfect decoration for? We believe you’ll find this hanging succulent planter to be an excellent choice for those difficult-to-design-around spaces. These cascading pots, which hang about six inches wide, make a lovely grouping of greens inside your home, or you can use them to pot strawberries outside in the summer sun. Still, you’ll need to keep an eye on watering because the pots are only about five inches deep, so they’ll dry out quickly with fast-growing plants – unlike succulents, which require very little.
We adore the adorable white ceramic pots, but would you prefer a grouping arrangement over a cascading one? Not a problem. For a few dollars more, you can get these same pots with individual rope hangers. We also like the fun oblong shape of this hanging succulent pot set, which comes in a set of three and has white rope hangers.

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