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FELCO 2 One Hand Pruning Shear Review

FELCO 2 One Hand Pruning Shear

The FELCO 2 One Hand Pruning Shear is a high-quality, long-lasting gardening tool that can handle all of your smaller pruning tasks. It has an excellent, long-lasting, adjustable blade that is designed to work hard and last season after season.

  • One-Hand Pruning Shears 
  • Ergonomic and traditional design 
  • Outstanding performance 
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable 
  • Sturdy handles 
  • Simple,
  • long-lasting cutting adjustment.


The Final Word

Yes, purchase it.


Product Name 2 One-Hand Pruning Shear
Product Brand FELCO
Price $60.40
Weight 0.53 lbs.
Product Dimensions 8.5 x 2.25 x 0.75 in.
Material Type Hardened steel, aluminum
Warranty Limited lifetime

One of the best garden pruners is the FELCO 2 One-Hand Pruning Shear. They’re sharp, long-lasting, smooth, simple to repair, and easy to find. A Felco 2 pruner may be the last pruner you ever buy, as thousands of gardeners have discovered.

This pruner cut almost everything with clean, straight lines.

Its bypass blades opened and closed smoothly, requiring only a tiny amount of force to cut through thick branches. You can sharpen the hardened steel blades dozens of times. In addition to being virtually indestructible, the plastic-coated forged aluminum alloy handles are easy to repair and replacement parts for any worn-out pieces are widely A number of gardeners have been using their Felco 2 pruners for a decade or more because they are reasonably priced, well-known, and well-liked.

The pruners slightly crushed a 14-inch dowel, and the handles spread a little wide for some people (if that’s you, the Felco 6 should work). However, flaws aside, they’re nearly perfect.


The Felco 2 has an ergonomic design that allows you to use it with either hand, and its adjustable head will enable you to reach into tight spaces without bending over or straining your back.

It also comes with two different-sized blades, giving you the option of precision cutting or lopping off branches at their base.

What We Enjoy Handiwork of exceptional quality Sap groove to keep things from sticking The handle is bright red.

A secure grip a robust blade Warranty for the rest of your life What We Dislike Designed to accommodate larger hands Expensive The FELCO 2 One-Hand Pruning Shear combines superior craftsmanship and durability with excellent cutting ability. The comfortable, bright red handle and easy-to-use design make hours of yard work fly by.

The gold standard in design

There’s a reason FELCO hasn’t changed the design of this Swiss-made anvil pruner in 50 years: it’s the category standard and a favorite of both avid home gardeners and professional landscapers.

The hardened steel blades are incredibly well-made and extremely sharp. The cutting and anvil blades can be precisely adjusted using a hardened nut and bolt. There’s also a clever groove that lets users cut small wires without damaging the blades’ edges.

In addition to a sophisticated shock absorption system, the forged aluminum metal handles feature a non-slip, candy-red coating for a secure, ergonomic In my experience, when cutting through large, rigid branches, both of these features helped to reduce the impact on my hands and wrist


If you have smaller hands, the FELCO 6 model is better suited to you.


The FELCO 2 (which measures 8.5 inches in total length) is designed for larger hands, while the FELCO 6 (which measures 7.7 inches in total length) is designed for smaller hands. With medium-sized hands, this model worked well. It was easy to hold and felt natural.
 However, if you have smaller hands, you should go with the FELCO 6 model. Keep an eye out for counterfeits of this product, as there are many out there attempting to pass themselves off as a genuine article. The genuine ones will have the words “FELCO Swiss Made” on the packaging.

What You Get When You Buy a High-Quality Felco Pruner

  • A Lifetime Investment: The ability to replace parts means that you can “buy it once and buy it right” with this hand pruning tool.
  • All-Purpose: With a cutting capacity of one inch, these pruners can handle most light-cutting jobs.
  • Adjustable: For precise cuts, a micrometric adjustment can be made using a hardened nut and bolt assembly and the locking mechanism.
  • Hardened steel blades are harsh, easy to sharpen, and hold their edge for a long time.
  • Rust Resistance: A metal sheath protects the spring mechanism from rust and corrosion.
  • Guaranteed: These pruners include a full one-year warranty as well as a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Ergonomic: The pruners are lightweight and comfortable to use, with a non-slip grip.
  • Smooth Operation: The sap groove keeps your blades clean, allowing for continuous use.
  • Shock Absorber: A solid rubber cushion aids in the prevention of hand and wrist fatigue and injury.
  • Highly Visible: The bright red handles will help you keep track of your pruners!
  • Efficiency: The sap groove prevents gumming and simplifies cleaning.
  • Versatility: The wire-cutting notch makes anchoring and other garden tasks more manageable.
  • Locking mechanism with easy access for safety
  • Handles are made of forged aluminum alloy.

Felco shears are the ideal weight and grip for prolonged use in the garden. The handles are made of forged aluminum alloy and have comfortable replaceable rubber grips.

It is nearly impossible to break these handles. Still, suppose the unthinkable happens, and you hurt a handle or any other part of your high-quality pruners. In that case, you will be relieved to know that replacement parts are readily and affordably available.

Performance, comfort, and durability are all important considerations.

The Felco 2 pruners are small and light, measuring only eight and a half inches long and weighing eight and a half ounces. The pruner has a rubber shock absorber cushion for smooth and comfortable operation.

The ergonomically shaped handles and angled cut head of the F classic hand clippers make it easy to hold your hand and wrist in the proper position for injury-free pruning.

This tool’s maximum cutting capacity is recommended to be one inch. There is simply no better choice for trimming woody perennials and plants like rose bushes than these original, classic Felco pruners. They make any light pruning task a breeze, thanks to their exceptional durability, ease of use, and smooth action.

When you buy your tool, you’ll notice that the packaging is durable and reusable, ensuring safe and secure storage. Complete instructions for sharpening, caring for, maintaining, and using the tool safely are also included. The Felco hand pruners are backed by a full one-year and limited lifetime warranty.

Cleaning Ease: Simple

This pruner is simple to clean; a “sap groove” prevents the blade from sticking by removing plant secretions and debris with each cut, making cleanup easier.

Cleaning after each use is recommended by the brand to prevent rusting and to help maintain the luster of the blades and handles. The company also recommends oiling the tool after cleaning to prevent corrosion or unjam it.

The pruner can be easily disassembled for deeper cleaning after extended use or if debris, sap, or dirt gets trapped between the pieces.

Visit the website for instructions on disassembling the pruner (and ordering spare parts if necessary).

In terms of maintenance, it is also recommended that the blades be sharpened regularly to maintain the best cutting ability.

Genuine Swiss Steel Components Provide Outstanding Performance

Felco secateurs have been the choice of intelligent gardeners, nursery owners, and workers for over 50 years due to their classic, unchanging design. These pruners’ cut blades are Swiss precision-made of hardened steel.

The bypass blade is scalpel-sharp and has a long edge retention time. A replacement for the anvil (which has a thicker blade) can be purchased if necessary. There’s a sap groove on the hook blade (raised edge) to keep the blade from gumming up when cutting through sap-swollen trees.This groove ensures smooth, continuous operation – even on the most challenging and messy jobs.

Its built-in soft wire cutting notch, the hardened steel, the precision-made cutting blade provide top performance and versatility for many garden tasks associated with pruning, such as clipping wire or twine for anchoring and training wayward branches. The notch for the wire cutter allows you to cut small pieces of wire without switching tools.

A hardened steel bolt and nut combination with a locking segment holds the pruner together. This ensures that you can precisely adjust the blades for proper closure. There is also an adjustment key included. The ability to precisely adjust the edges and lock those adjustments in place makes cutting simple, efficient, and dependable.

The upkeep is simple (if not non-existent). Although all parts are replaceable, and you can sharpen the hardened steel blades to a fine edge with a sharpening stone like this, you will find that this high-quality tool requires minor adjustment, care, or sharpening. If used and stored correctly, the blades can keep their scalpel-sharp edge for many seasons.


While performing long and repetitive tasks, the ergonomic design combined with adequate safety and comfort measures ensures that the user is comfortable and injury-free. With a bright red, non-slip coating on the sturdy aluminum alloy handles, these pruners are easy to use and easy to find if you drop them in the garden or on the lawn.

You don’t have to worry about the spring mechanism rusting if you leave your pruners out overnight. A protective metal sheath covers and protects the wire from moisture damage.

While proper care and storage will reduce the number of times you need to sharpen the blades and the likelihood of replacing parts, you don’t need to treat these pruners as delicate implements.

This rugged tool is resistant to the common mishaps that can occur with well-used implements. If you leave them out on occasion, drop, tread on, or run over them, they will most likely be up to the task.

Don't Settle for Cheap Knockoffs – Stick with the Original Felco.

It is worth noting that there are several knockoffs of the FELCO 2 One Hand Pruning Shear. While they may appear similar, there are significant differences in terms of material quality and design details.

Here’s an interesting video comparing Felco #2’s parts to a far less expensive knockoff. While they appear to be very similar, there are noticeable differences in quality in areas such as the shock absorber, the design of the safety catch, and others.

What you don’t see is the metal and rubber element quality. Felco tools are made in Switzerland from high-quality steel and aluminum. The knockoff is manufactured in Taiwan.

The metal used to make tools and fasteners in Asian countries is typically soft and non-durable if you’ve ever purchased one. A low-quality rubber or plastic will degrade very quickly. Rubber and plastic of poor quality degrade soon.

It is one thing to disassemble a tool, reverse engineer it, and replicate it with inferior materials. It’s quite another to make a high-quality, long-lasting tool. In terms of performance and durability, the Asian knockoff will be no match for the Felco clippers.

Price: Every penny is well spent.

Though the FELCO 2 One Hand Pruning Shear retails for around $60, it is possible to find a good deal. Other garden shears range in price from $15 to $40 or more, but don’t be misled into thinking the FELCO is overpriced. Its exceptional craftsmanship and precision justify this pruner’s higher price.

This pruner’s parts are all replaceable, and it comes with a one-year warranty but will most likely last much, much longer. The handles are guaranteed for life. It is a more durable, superior product than most of its competitors, and it is well worth the extra investment.

Its exceptional craftsmanship and precision justify this pruner’s higher price.

Select the traditional Felco Professional Pruner!

The FELCO 2 One Hand Pruning Shear is a gardening icon. It’s easy to see why they’ve been the preferred choice of professional gardeners and nurserymen for over four decades.

Professional greenhouse and nursery owners prefer this pruner over less expensive models when outfitting their employees.

The durability and quality are unrivaled. The superior craftsmanship and design ensure lower long-term equipment costs, greater employee efficiency, and a lower risk of employee injury or fatigue.

If you have great expectations for your gardening equipment and don’t want to be bothered by poor performance and complex operation, the Felco F-2 pruners are an excellent option. These pruners handle most garden tasks with ease, from small limbs to fairly thick branches.

However, at around $60 a pair, these pruners are the most popular tool of their kind on the market.

There’s no comparison between their performance, quality, and feel and that of less expensive hand pruners.

Why is that? Made with fine, precise craftsmanship, Felcos are a pleasure to own.

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