Reviewing The Best Paper Crafting Scissors

We hope you’re all going to agree that the best craft scissors are the craftsman’s, first love.

Many artisans love scissors and can’t resist buying up all the kinds of scissors they find in the local shop and stationery stores! Many of these acquisitions landed with many useless scissors that at one time had mad hand pain and even corn on my thumb!

Every artisan has his special needs-some of them like decoupling, some like stamping, and fuzzy carving. 

And any craftsman would be attracted to a particular feature of the scissors! Some of them fell in love with scissors that can cut cardboard boxes! Moreover, who can stop scissors that can remove adhesive foam tape without getting messy! 

And if you’ve never tried spring-loaded scissors, it’s one you’ve got to get as fast on your side!

Suppose you’re a professional paper craftsman or a serial giver of beautifully wrapped presents. In that case, every person needs the Best paper craft scissors. 

Through chopping into kraft paper to trimming cardboard, the robust method should have the same superficial characteristics: sharp blades, relaxed grip, and strength to carry out the job at hand and all those to come. 

Our reviews below will help you find the best craft scissors for any crafting.

The Fiskar scissors are renowned for one thing: their impeccable abilities to stitch and wear. They come with titanium nitride material so that they can do their job without any wear and tear. They do well against fire, too, and their blades are hardly dull. The construction of these scissors is erratic, but they cut pretty well. They also have a soft-grip handle on the style that makes it easy to achieve accurate cuts while keeping the material crisp.

The handle is well sculpted to match both small and big hands. Would you like power and warmth when stitching your black peplum dress? Fiskars Handled Scissors may be the best thing to use. Being a non-stick scissor, you’re confident of the ability to hack through the cloth without jamming. Plus, these scissors stay sharp for a long time, ensuring that you don’t need to re-tighten the screws or use a knife sharpener.

They are suitable for tailors and multipurpose cutters. However, if you need to cut more content, this is not your best choice. Fiskars Scissors have a lifetime warranty, but you can send them back if they don’t suit the project. These scissors are usually famous for their accuracy.



The Amazon Basics 3-Pack Multipurpose Scissors have become one of the most popular choices on the market for some time now, and it’s pretty easy to see why. They’ve got just about everything you need, and they’re coming at a reasonably fair price, too. These babies come in a pack of three, each weighing 8 inches in total. They are perfect for cartons, notebooks, images, cloth, and more.

The Amazon Basics scissors have a soft-grip handle and operate on both left and right-handed users. All you have to do is make sure those you’re having have finger holes that match yours, and you’re good to go.

The scissors are made of titanium, but they have more strength than the usual alternative of stainless steel. The pivot area is also excellent, as it has interchangeable brass and stainless steel materials. They’re going to make a seamless gliding experience if you open and shut the scissors. However, they seem to have some paper wrapping problems. It could be due to weight or lack of consistency with the content, but consumers complained that they could not use it when sorting out presents.

They are practically ideal for general purposes. However, they might not be the right choice if you choose to do more artwork, including cutting hard objects, felt, and other high-grade paper.



The Westcott Scissors is yet another excellent choice for those who have a lot to do. The blades have titanium material and have been hardened by the manufacturers. So, they’re giving you a lot more power than you get from standard stainless steel. Rel assured that they could retain their sharpness over time and be with you for years without any problems.

Titanium blades are also corrosion-resistant, meaning you can use them around the sun. If you require paper, paper, cardboard, light line, cloth, and other materials to be cut, they work better than other box cutters.
As far as their handles were concerned, the makers made them have a gentle grip. Remember that the scissors are not the most durable option you’ll find, as there have been reports of handles and even blades cracking. Complaints may, of course, be attributed to the carelessness of the people concerned. Still, if you need to cut heavy materials, you don’t want to trust these.

Complaints have also been posted in the pivotal region. The screw is rubber, so you know their days are numbered as soon as the screws begin to loosen. The screw through tense up a few times, but it’s going to give way soon enough.

The scissors are promised for a lifetime. So, you should send them up if they don’t meet your standards.



These Singer scissors are distinct from most of the scissors. First of all, because of its scale and its finest-detailed cutting. 

Although they are made for both practitioners and beginners, they come in limited sizes. The scissors’ tiny scale turns out to be their most significant downside, as they’re not so great for wide fabrics. 

So, while you do not want to use Singer 00557 ProSeries Scissors as your primary alternative for fabric cutting, you should only use them for small stitches and small details such as embroidery.

Move on, and you’re going to enjoy the NANO Tip, which specializes in thorough work. The singer has another large size if that’s what you want.

The pair of scissors are also ideal for tailors who want to do unique embroidery work.

What they lack in their is toughness, which they make up for in their accuracy. The blades come with stainless steel material, and the nanotip is also sharp. Singer’s 4.5-inch scissors cut 2two layers of cloth or five sheets of standard paper together.

They’ve got soft-grip handles made of rubber. This makes them easy to wear even though you have to keep them for a long time to come.

Despite their limited scale, they work on multipurpose cuttings. E.g., if you need to cut pom-poms, wrap paper, or if you need help opening a box, you’d be glad to have this lying in your pencil case for these periodic functions.




If you need several pairs of scissors or are continually lost by yours, this choice offers a fantastic multipack benefit.
You get four scissors in fun colors, each with stainless steel blades sharp enough to cut through thinner material.
Comfortable for both big and small paws, they are a perfect choice for older children and adults.
These scissors sound slightly flimsier than our other scissors, but they’re going to do you well for simple tasks.


These pair of scissors, developed especially for papercraft, have an outstanding pedigree.
Handmade by craftsmen in Seki City, Japan, world-famous for their blades, they were crafted by Hasegawa’s respected blade company in collaboration with Japanese paper-cutting artist Hina Aoyama.
They boast a smooth, sharp blade that can quickly negotiate narrow spaces and tight curves, making them ideal for complicated work such as decoupage or pop-up art. It is a relatively compact tool with a length of just over 4 inches. Although it is lightweight and waterproof, the handle can be uncomfortable for those with larger hands.


These 8-inch iBayam Soft-Grip Scissors are professional and first-class paper scissors. They are made of high carbon steel. The substance helps them to maintain their sharpness for a long time while staying durable. Since using them for a long time, you’ll have a hard time disposing of these blades. Besides the 3.04-ounce structure, these scissors are often chosen because they have long blades. Long blades are perfect for cutting paper – including the balls if that’s what you need. They even come with a strengthened crew, which means you can get a stronghold when you cut.

Unfortunately, their lightweight design indicates that they might not be the answer you need if you’re employed in an industrial location. They’re better suited to the kitchen, and that’s all right. These 8-inch iBayam Soft-Grip Scissors come in colorful pairs. They’re perfect for just about every cutting you need to do around the house: packaging or printing paper, cloth, bags. They are food-approved so that you can use them in the kitchen as well.




The first thing you’re going to love about BambooMN Titanium Softgrip Scissor is that the pack comes in different sizes. The scissors typically contain a pair of 10-inch sewing scissors, 8.5-inch handcrafted scissors, and a pair of 5.5-inch scissors for unique details. Although you can use 10-inch for comprehensive cloth cutting, or 8.5 for that matter, the 5.5-inch is excellent for individual work that requires fine finishing. They’re perfect for embroidery and precision cutting.

The fact that they come in threes means that they’re flexible. You will use them to cut just about everything, including paper, art, and cloth. They also work for home and workplace purposes. The blades are sharp and firm. So, be assured they’re going to last for a long time. They also have a soft grip, which helps to achieve improved handling.

They also look amazing, as they combine purple handles with rainbow blades. However, like the Livigno Luxury Tailor Scissors, some consumers have complained about spray-painted titanium hue shades on the blades. So, you might want to be careful when you’re in the kitchen with these scissors.




If you’re looking for a pair of low-priced scissors that cut well, the Scotch Precision Scissors are perfect for you. The blades are made of stainless steel and are fused with titanium to make them terrific. They also have non-stick coatings that make them ideal for people who like to work with fluids. Since the blades are corrosion resistant, you’re still set. Remember, though; this could be grappling with a variety of materials other than paper. If you need to cut paper or cloth balls with more than four cotton layers, you can get more oversized ones from this maker or another manufacturer.

People with larger hands might find them uncomfortable to hold, too. Their handle holes are small, and for those with big hands, handling them can only get more complicated as every second passes. Regardless of their lack of size and weight, the scissors make up for the blades’ precision and fineness. When you touch them, you know they’re made for sufficient detail work – like tailor embroidery. They are also well suited for home use and office work.



The UCEC 6 Scissors Set comes in six parts, as its name suggests. The number itself is a significant gain since it means that you will get a few extra sets. However, this is not the only benefit of the product. 

The UCEC 6 scissor collection gives you infinite design choices when you’re trying to make an album, a greeting card, a memory book, etcetera. These are the best scrapbooking scissors available now these days. You should give your job some impressive decorative boundaries, so kids working on both school and personal projects will love them.

Their soft-grip handles have an ergonomic nature, which ensures that your hands are secure no matter how long you have to use the scissors. They’re just going great with everybody, whether they’re left or right. The shears are healthy enough to hold adult children around. They come with a scissor feature that lets them deliver precise cuts without the threat of most substitute shears.

The scissors are also available in color codes. They’re colorful to hold your child’s focus when they’re going through their school assignment. Color codes also help if you need to distinguish between the projects you’re working on.

If you need to cut industrial material or need it for manufacturing, these scissors are not appropriate. As promising as they are, these scissors will still be too short for adults with long fingers. Don’t even check it out. It’s not going to work. They are therefore not appropriate for cutting felt, heavy-duty paper, or silk fabrics. They’re going to blast through construction paper, but you may need sharper scissors set to hack through the other components. Specifically, the company said that they are only suitable for children and play.



Buying Guide- How to choose the best craft scissors


Still, this is our main concern when to buy scissors. Paper is simple to cut, but it is still essential to use sharp scissors on it. That means you have clean, correct cuts that are effortless.

Since paper seems to get scissors dull no matter what, it’s best to invest in a decent pair of quality blades. Titanium, steel, and manganese are the safest materials to resist bluntness.

Grip and Handle Comfort

Getting small finger hole scissors will add unwanted pressure to your job. Remember your hands’ size and how you usually handle the scissors and buy a pair that respects them.

In comparison, rubber handles provide a firmer grip than metal handles and are softer to carry.


Long blades are perfect for getting the job done quickly. But smaller blades offer more accurate cuts, Big finger holes are more convenient, but you can make too much effort to have little hands.

Determine the size of the scissors you choose based on your preferences and physical features, and you’ll have the right pair of scissors for any occasion.


The pivot is the place where the blades touch. Loose scissors cannot match their blades correctly and have no tension to deliver accurate and smooth cuts.

That’s why the scissors must have quality screws, tighten the blades, and make a quality pivot.

FAQ About The Best paper craft scissors

Fiskars and Tonic Studios are the top manufacturers of quality scissors as they understand the different needs of a crafter and put a lot of research into making scissors for specific needs: everything from the material of the blade and grip area, the shape of the handle, the sharpness of the tip, the spring action, protective caps, and locking mechanism, etc. is tailor-made to suit a crafters need and even age and medical condition!

Every crafter has its own special needs, like decoupage, stamping, and fuzzy cutting. And each crafter will be attracted to a particular feature of scissors! Some like me fall in love with scissors that can cut cardboard boxes! And who can resist scissors which can cut adhesive foam tape without getting sticky! And if you have never tried spring-loaded scissors…it is one you have to get as it’s so easy on your hands!

It is delicate scissors and not meant to cut fabric or plastic, so no, you can’t use them for cutting Sospeso Transparente designs!

Gently press, and it cuts, and on release, it springs back… it’s very cool! You can work the scissors using just your fingers, and it will delicately cut out your decoupage/ fuzzy cutting designs!

The thumbholes are formed to adjust all users’ natural squeezing motion, lowering awkwardness and pain, and swelling over time.

While some people dislike the rainbow blade, most users appreciate the sharpness it provides and finds the handles to be nice and comfortable.

The set includes 10-inch dress-making scissors, 8.5-inch craft scissors, and 5.5-inch embroidery scissors.

High Precision Paper Cutting Scissors Beaditive. These scissors, like the embroidery scissors, are small and pointed.

This set is one body with handles and then a series of detachable blades in different colors.

Each craft usually requires a unique approach, and it is beneficial to obtain the appropriate type of scissors for your project.

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